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Classification of globe valves: Part 2

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There are many types of globe valves, and there are many ways to classify them.

(1) Classification according to structural type

6. DC type globe valve: The valve stem and the passage are at a certain angle of the globe valve, the valve seat sealing surface and the inlet and outlet channel have a certain angle, the valve body can be made into a whole, can also be made into a body type, as shown in Figure 5. The split globe valve with two valve bodies clamps the valve seat in the middle, which is easy to manufacture and easy to maintain. This type of globe valve allows the fluid to hardly change the flow direction and has the smallest flow resistance among globe valves. Its installation method is close to the straight-through type, but special attention should be paid to ease of operation after the pipe is installed.

7. Plunger globe valve: Plunger globe valves are deformations of conventional globe valves. In a plunger valve, the disc and seat are designed according to the principle of the plunger. The valve disc is designed as a plunger, and the valve seat is designed as a sleeve ring, and the seal is achieved by the cooperation of the plunger and the sleeve. The manufacturing process of this valve is simple, the collar can be made of flexible graphite or polytetrafluoroethylene, the sealing is good, and the high and low temperature medium can be used. The valve is mainly used for opening or closing. However, plungers and collars designed in special shapes can also be used for flow regulation. The disadvantage of this valve is the slow opening and closing speed. This is shown in Figure 6.

8. Needle globe valve: Needle globe valves are used for precise flow control and are usually limited to small bores, and the diameter of the seat bore is generally smaller than the nominal size, as shown in Figure 7.

9. Internal pressure self-sealing bonnet globe valve: Mainly suitable for high temperature and high pressure pipeline system, the higher the pressure in the valve body, the better the sealing of the bonnet, as shown in Figure 8.

10. Threaded welded bonnet globe valve: The body of this globe valve is threaded to the bonnet and then sealed by welding. Ensure that there is no leakage at the connection between the valve body and the bonnet. This structure is mostly used for API602, CL800, CL1500, nominal size DN15 ~ DN50 forged steel valves, mainly used in petrochemical and power industries, as shown in Figure 9.


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