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What is the selection principle of Y-Strainer?

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Strainer, also called decontamination devices, strainer valves, have many definitions, with similarities and differences. Strainers are small equipment installed on pipelines to remove a small amount of solid particles in liquid or gas. They can protect the normal operation of the equipment and protect the medium. When the fluid enters the strainer cartridge with a certain strainer screen, its impurities are blocked, and the clean strainer is discharged from the strainer outlet. When cleaning is needed, just take out the detachable strainer cartridge and treat it. Just reload it.

Five elements of strainer selection:

1. The inlet and outlet diameter of the strainer:

In principle, the inlet and outlet diameter of the strainer should not be smaller than the inlet diameter of the matching pump, and it is generally the same as the inlet pipe diameter.

For example, if the pipe is DN100, the diameter of the strainer should generally not be lower than DN100

2. Nominal pressure selection:

Determine the pressure level of the strainer according to the highest pressure that may appear in the strainer line. For example, if the pipeline pressure is PN25, the strainer should be PN25.

3. Selection of the number of holes:

The selection of the number of pores of the strainer mainly considers the particle size of the impurities to be intercepted, which is determined according to the process requirements of the media flow. The particle size that can be intercepted by various specifications of screens can be found in the following table "Strainer Specifications". Generally, the mesh size of the inlet strainer for water is 40-80 mesh, and the mesh size of the steam inlet strainer is 100-200 mesh. The mesh size of the inlet strainer for other gases is selected according to the customer's gas accuracy requirements.

4. Strainer material:

The material of the strainer is generally the same as the material of the connected process pipeline. For different service conditions, you can consider choosing a strainer made of cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel. The corrosive medium should be stainless steel or fluorine-lined or rubber-lined.

5. Calculation of strainer resistance loss:

The water strainer has a pressure loss of 0.52~1.2kpa under the general calculation of the rated flow rate.



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