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What are the characteristics of soft sealing valve?

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Resilient seated gate valve is widely used on tape water, sewage, construction, fire and other fluid pipeline. The advantage has:

1. Not easy to break

In the past, traditional cast iron resilient seated gate valves were hit by foreign objects and collided, causing fractures and other phenomena. This situation has been greatly reduced due to the use of ductile iron for resilient seated gate valves.

2. Corrosion resistance

The resilient seated gate valve body is coated with powder epoxy resin, which can prevent the corrosion and rust of the valve body, and can be used in sewage system.

3. Overall encapsulated

The valve plate of the resilient seated gate valve is made of high-quality rubber for the overall inner and outer covering. The domestic first-class rubber vulcanization technology enables the vulcanized valve plate to ensure accurate geometric dimensions, and the rubber and the ductile iron valve plate are firmly connected, not easy to fall off and elastic memory well.

4. Flat-bottom seat

After the traditional gate valve is washed with water, the foreign objects such as stones, wood blocks, cement, paper scraps, sundries, etc. are deposited in the groove of the valve seat, which is easy to cause the water leakage phenomenon that cannot be closed tightly. The same flat bottom design of the water pipe is not easy to cause debris to accumulate, so that the fluid is unobstructed.

5. Three "O" type seals

Because the valve stem adopts the design of three "O" type sealing rings, it can reduce the frictional resistance when switching, greatly reduce the phenomenon of water leakage, and can replace the sealing ring without stopping the pipeline.

6. Direct drinking water

Since the inside of the valve body is coated with non-toxic epoxy resin, the inner and outer surfaces of the gate valve are completely wrapped with epoxy resin, so that there will be no rust or corrosion, and it can be used for drinking.

7. Precision casting valve body

The valve body is made of precision casting, and the precise geometric dimensions make the valve body do not need any finishing inside to ensure the tightness of the valve.

8. Lightweight

The valve body is made of ductile iron, which is 20% - 30% lighter than the traditional gate valve, and is easy to maintain.


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