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How to use and maintain the globe valve?

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1. After the globe valve is installed, it must be in the fully open position during pressure test of the system and pipelines, and shall not be used for flow adjustment or emergency discharge.

2. The surface of the globe valve, the trapezoidal thread on the stem and stem nut, the sliding part of the stem nut and the bracket, and the gears are easy to accumulate dust, oil and medium residues, which are prone to wear and corrosion to the valve, please clean frequently.

3. After the globe valve is used, it should be inspected regularly, and the sealing and wear of the sealing surface should be checked frequently; whether the packing is aging or invalid; whether the valve body is corroded, if the above-mentioned situation is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time. It is recommended that water and oil media be tested every three months, and for corrosive media, it is recommended to test every other month, or in accordance with local regulations. After the globe valve is overhauled, it should be assembled and adjusted again, and the sealing performance test should be carried out. At the same time, the list of replacement parts during the overhaul is recorded for reference.

4. For the replacement of globe valve packing, gaskets, bolts and nuts, the user can choose the appropriate size to replace it by himself. It is not allowed for the globe valve to open the valve cover under pressure or to replace bolts, nuts or packing under pressure. After replacing the packing, gasket, bolts and nuts, the globe valve should be used after passing the pressure test.

5. The user can repair the sealing surface of the globe valve by himself, but it should ensure its tightness and use it after the pressure test is qualified.

6. It is not recommended to repair the pressure-bearing parts of the globe valve. If the pressure-bearing parts are found to have defects that affect safety due to too long use, the user should replace the globe valve in time. Welding repairs on the online valve body is not allowed. It is not allowed to knock, stand or support heavy objects on the globe valve in operation.


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