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How to maintain Y-Strainer?

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Y-Strainer is a common one of filters. According to production standards: it can be divided into American standard, German standard, British standard, Japanese standard, etc. According to material: it can be divided into cast iron, brass, stainless steel, cast steel and other materials . According to the application field and function of the product, it can be divided into liquid strainer and air strainer.

1. It is a liquid strainer, which is also widely used. Generally used in chemical industry, electric power, papermaking and other industries, the strainer adopts filter mesh design, which can transmit the polluted liquid, water, sewage in our industrial production through pipeline,  the strainer is generally installed in the pipeline. In the Y-Strainer, the contaminated water, sewage, liquid can be fully filtered through the strainer, and the strainer can reach the standard set by us, so as to be suitable for re-production.

2. The air filter, which is mainly used in industries with more dust and air pollution such as petroleum and foundry, or more serious air pollution. Through our filter, the polluted gas, water vapor and other harmful gases produced during production can be filtered.  To make the air reach a certain degree of purity and ensure that it is harmless to the human body.

Y-Strainer is a kind of coarse filter type filter, which mainly filters impurities that are not particularly high-precision. The filtration mainly relies on the inner filter element composed of filter frame and stainless steel wire. Since the stainless steel wire mesh for long-term filtration is a vulnerable part, the internal stainless steel wire mesh should be protected when in use. When we use the Y-Strainer for a period of time, because there may be some impurities inside for a long time, the filtration pressure will increase after the impurities, and the efficiency will be greatly reduced. At this time, it is necessary to clean up the internal impurities in time to ensure the work efficient.

When cleaning impurities, you need to pay attention to the internal stainless steel wire mesh. Do not deform or damage it during cleaning. If damage is found, it should be replaced immediately. If the mesh is deformed or damaged, the filtering effect will be greatly reduced and affect the use.



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