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How to choose a check valve? Part 2

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Selection criteria: Part 2

11. The ball check valve is suitable for medium and low pressure pipelines and can be made into a large diameter.

12. The body of the ball check valve can be made of stainless steel, and the hollow ball of the seal can be wrapped with tetrafluoroethylene engineering plastic, so it can also be applied to the pipeline of general corrosive media, and the working temperature is between -101 and 150OC. , Working pressure <4.0Mpa, nominal diameter range is between 200-1200.

13. When selecting a check valve for incompressible fluids, the required closing speed must be evaluated first, and the second step is to select the type of check valve that may meet the required closing speed.

14. For check valves for compressible fluids, the selection can be made according to the similar method of check valves for incompressible fluids. If the medium flow range is large, check valves for compressible fluids are used. A deceleration device can be used. If the medium flow is continuously and quickly stopped and started, like the outlet of the compressor, lift check valve is used.

15. The corresponding size of the check valve should be determined, and the valve supplier must provide the data of the selected size, so that the valve size when the valve is fully opened at a given flow rate can be found.

16. For high and medium pressure check valves below DN50, vertical lift check valves and straight-through check valves should be used.

17. For low-pressure check valves below DN50, wafer check valves, vertical lift check valves and diaphragm check valves should be selected.

18. For DN50-DN600 high and medium pressure pipelines, swing check valves should be used.

19. For DN200-DN1200 medium and low pressure pipelines, ball check valves should be used.

20. For DN50-DN2000 low pressure pipelines, wafer check valves and diaphragm check valves should be used.

21. For pipelines that require relatively small water hammer impact or no water hammer when closed, slow-closing swing check valves and slow-closing wafer check valves should be selected.

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