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How to choose a check valve? Part 1

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Selection criteria: Part 1

1. In order to prevent the medium from flowing back, check valves should be installed on the equipment, devices and pipelines.

2. The check valve is generally suitable for clean media, not suitable for media containing solid particles and high viscosity.

3. Generally, vertical lift check valves should be used on horizontal pipes with a nominal diameter of 50mm.

4. The straight-through lift check valve can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipelines.

5. For the water pump inlet pipeline, a foot valve should be used. The foot valve is generally only installed on the vertical pipeline at the pump inlet, and the medium flows from bottom to top.

6. The lifting type has better sealing performance and greater fluid resistance than the swing type. The horizontal type should be installed on a horizontal pipeline, and the vertical type should be installed on a vertical pipeline.

7. The installation position of the swing check valve is not restricted. It can be installed on a horizontal, vertical or inclined pipeline. If installed on a vertical pipeline, the flow direction of the medium should be from bottom to top.

8. Swing check valve should not be made into a small diameter valve, but it can be made into a very high working pressure, working pressure can reach 42Mpa, and the diameter can be made very large, the maximum can reach more than 2000mm. According to the different materials of the shell and seals, it can be applied to any working medium and any working temperature. The medium is water, steam, gas, corrosive medium, oil, medicine, etc., and the working temperature range is between -196-800OC. The applicable occasion is low pressure and large diameter, and the installation occasion is restricted.

9. The installation position of the wafer check valve is not restricted. It can be installed on a horizontal pipeline, or on a vertical or inclined pipeline.

10. Diaphragm check valve is suitable for pipelines that are prone to water hammer. The diaphragm can well eliminate the water hammer caused by the backflow of the medium. It is generally used on low-pressure and normal temperature pipelines, and is especially suitable for tap water pipelines and works with general media. The temperature is between -12-120OC, and the working pressure is less than 1.6Mpa, but the diaphragm check valve can achieve a larger diameter, and the maximum can reach more than 2000mm.

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